Release Notes

myHome v3.1

  • Full iOS 10 and watchOS 3 support
  • Further improvements and bug fixes
  • Swipe left on light cells in order to adjust brightness of your lamps
  • Swipe left on thermostat cells to adjust the target temperature
  • Alternative layout for services widget (see watch&widgets for setting)
  • Option to hide services from the main screen – this gives you many possibilities to customize the main view of the app
  • Added per-scene option if the scene should be togglable (is this a word?)
  • Online Help: in every footer you will find a „read more“ link (only in English language)
  • Explore the app to find out even more awesome features you haven’t seen before!

myHome v3.0

  • Update requires iOS 10 and watchOS 3 and supports all new HomeKit features (if it’s not in myHome, it’s not possible or allowed for third party developers…)
  • In iOS10 triggers are shared between devices
  • accessory names don’t need to be unique anymore
  • HomeKit compatible camera and video doorbell support (even on watch)
  • iCloud sync has been disabled for favorites and other non-HomeKit settings
  • all favorites will have to be defined from scratch (sorry for any inconvenience)
  • assignment of scenes and triggers to folders has to be done from scratch (sorry again)
  • scenes can now be switched off in app, in widgets and on watch (the feature can be disabled under more/watch & widgets)
  • device favorites have been abandoned in favor of service favorites
  • AppleWatch: after activating a light scene you can dim the lights with the digital crown
  • today widgets are more colorful (depending on the light colors of your scene, if any)
  • New widget: cameras
  • enhanced service groups in app and widget
  • added a bit of 3D touch here and there – try peek and pop and quick actions
  • many, many more things and bug fixes
  • Enjoy! In case of issues and suggestions please contact

myHome v2.0

  • this update requires iOS 9.3
  • fixed a bug where default language was German – also make sure to check your preferred language settings on your device
  • now you can assign pictures to rooms and zones (please note: the images will not be synched between devices)
  • you can choose from more than 100 icons to assign to favorite scenes and service groups, which will then be displayed in the today widget (the icons will not be synced cheap oakleys between devices!)
  • triggers defined on other devices will now be shown for informational purposes if iCloud synchronization is enabled
  • timer triggers now support timezones
  • color picker to choose from predefined color lamps
  • device details now show all the scenes which the device is part of
  • organize scenes and triggers in folders (will not be synchronized across devices)
  • favorite service groups now also on Apple Watch
  • you now can control all common characteristics of a service groups
  • light scenes can be dimmed now
  • setting the hue of a lamp on the Apple Watch now shows a color preview
  • new option in Watch & Widgets: a tap on the complication can direct you to the scenes list
  • put the accessory details on a separate page
  • redesigned the scene widget
  • redesingend the type view
  • italian translation (thanks to Andrea Marinaccio)
  • support for Parce One Outlet
  • further bug fixings and dozens of improvements

Please contact me if you want tot translate the app to other languages.

myHome v1.5

  • new options to manage your favorite scenes, service groups and devices incl. feature to re-order these items
  • new option for Apple Watch complication: you can now choose to only display a shortcut icon in order to start the watch app
  • new option for Apple Watch complication: you can now choose the characteristic to be displayed
  • new feature: you can now add/remove complete accessories to/from scenes
  • new feature: when you select a bridge, you now get a list of the bridged accessories
  • added hint when adding a new accessory: “Please make sure all of your devices have cheap oakleys sunglasses unique names. In order to charge the name, tap on ‘Edit’ and then on the name Cheap Jerseys you want to change. The app will not work properly if two devices have identical names.”
  • further bug fixing and improvements

myHome v1.4

  • “Trigger Visualizer” – a nice new feature, that lets you understand and check the correctness of your more complex triggers
  • scenes and triggers can now be duplicated – this can make life much easier
  • triggers can now be enabled and disabled from the main screen (swipe gesture)
  • scenes now show service name instead of accessory name
  • icons for rooms breach and zones
  • further minor changes: new fan, light, door icons, separated hue and saturation
  • bug fixing and GUI optimization

myHome v1.3

  • much improved support of Elgato Eve products
  • addier cheap oakley sunglasses a searchbar to manage scenes much more comfortably
  • iBeacon UUIDs can now be managed under More/iBeacons, too
  • extended navigation from rooms/devices to device details
  • ATTENTION: you have to re-enter your iBeacon UUIDs (if you had already done so, sorry!)
  • new icon
  • and fixing of bugs of course

myHome v1.2

  • Apple Watch: you can now set more characteristics of an accessory
  • Apple Watch: complications update in realtime (dependent on the kind of HomeKit implementation of the manufacturer, e.g. Philips hue will work, Elgato Eve will not work…)
  • AppleWatch: tapping an complication brings you directly to the accessories list
  • show next fire time stamp for enabled time triggers
  • You can now mark favorite service groups, which will be cheap ray bans shown in the accessories today widget if they have a power state characteristic
  • changed the order of rooms on the first screens – they are ordered by zones now (if any)
  • supports event triggers with any characteristic value change
  • now displays the main service name below the accessory name
  • alphabetical order of scenes and triggers
  • rooms are grouped by zones now
  • improved display and control options of accessories in room view
  • sliders now have a variable scrubbing speed (as seen in the music app on iOS)
  • Elgato Eve Energy: now shows voltage, current, power and consumption
  • optimization of data refresh
  • bug fixing of course

myHome 1.1 – a gigantic update

  • select favorite accessories to control them on Apple Watch and Today Screen
  • added ‘Settings’ – can be reached in the system settings or under more/settings
  • added settings option to show custom services and characteristics (they are hidden by default)
  • added settings option to synchronize settings and favorites over iCloud
  • changed Apple Watch Glance and added accessories view and control screen
  • added much more comfortable way to add characteristic events and conditions to triggers as well as adding services to service groups
  • fixed bug when color of bulbs was not updated
  • added search bar to map view for more comfortable editing of location based triggers
  • added the option to add iBeacon based event triggers (works with all UUIDs)
  • please note: iBeacons require to set location services authorization to “always”
  • added Apple Watch Complication – the most characteristic value of the first favorite accessory will be shown on the watch face
  • added ‘handoff’ to handover activities from your Apple watch to your iOS device
  • added alternative view ‘type’ to the main screen
  • visual tweaks
  • more bug fixes of course 🙂


myHome 1.0 – initial version

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