myHome supports all HomeKit-based triggers (location, time, accessory) and conditions.

With triggers, you can automatically fire scenes using your location or when the accessory state of your HomeKit-enabled accessories has changed.

A characteristic has to satisfy certain technical requirements to be used as an event for triggers.

With location-based triggers, you can set one or more scenes (for example, with Eve Energy or Hue bulbs) to be activated automatically as soon as you leave your home or arrive there.

Time-based triggers are basically the same as an alarm clock, triggering scenes at a dedicated time with optional recurrences.
It’s easy to set up triggers in myHome and extend them with conditions. The time conditions allow users to trigger scene at certain times. Day events let you set sunrise or sunset as triggers.

In addition to time conditions, you may use value conditions. These conditions offer values such as door open/closed, temperature (equal to, greater than, less), mode, power, and many more. The time and value conditions give users an enormous amount of combinations when creating and using triggers.

The rules for HomeKit-based triggers always consist of the actual trigger in addition to the conditions and one or more scenes.

The public APIs of HomeKit currently do not support sunrise/sunset as events for triggers.

While using conditions is optional, it is mandatory to have at least one scene that can be executed.

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